Show Report – National Festival of Railway Modelling

Over the weekend of 14th/15th October we took a railway/live steam layout, 50′ x 12′ to Peterborough. The show went very well with 10 members attending in total – 9 per day with one very enthusiastic new member signed up as well. Although it was good to see a large turnout of members there, if we all bring rolling stock we can end up with too many vehicles on the layout, even before anyone goes and buys more stock at the exhibition.  We ran virtually every conceivable variety of stock with live steam, battery and track powered steam, diesel and electric traction, the last still proceeding happily beyond the overhead wiring. The spur at the west end of Town Square has now been turned into a proper goods yard with a loading crane, an extension board enabling fuelling facilities beside the track. The Town Square east spur has now been partly paved and trees planted – our contribution to CO2 reduction? Lacey Green appeared with a bus/coach garage equipped with double decker RTs though luckily a bus replacement service was not required. The overhead wiring still receives a lot of interest from the public.