Show Report – Newbury

We presented our 30ft by 9ft tramway layout at the Newbury Model Railway Club Show on Saturday 28th October 2017.

The venue was a large secondary school in Newbury and the show was in two large halls and the foyer. Our layout was across one end of what must be the theatre. We arrived for setting up on Friday evening at 6pm and pushed the trailer round to the back of the hall which gave direct access to our location. The layout was set up and tested by 8pm leaving a few final jobs until the next morning.

The configuration with the two foot bridge between Town Square and Lacey Green has not been used before and the overhead wiring had to be adapted to join up. This had been anticipated so the necessary joiners were available.

On Saturday, six members were present and a steady service of trams, mostly with trailers, was operated with members rotating around the operating positions and rising to the challenge of keeping the service going. The presence of battery radio controlled trams added a further dimension to the challenge. The layout was well received with much favourable comment. The organisers provided us with plenty of sustenance during the day which we enjoyed, and as the organisers were pleased with our display, it has been suggested that we may be invited again.

The show closed at 4.30pm and we were all packed up by 5.45pm and ready to push the trailer back round to the car park.   In summary, a successful show.