Show Report – 10th Anniversary Wickham Meet

On 4th November we took an electric light railway to the Solent Area Group annual show at Wickham. We presented another new configuration of 31′ x 9′: Penn Street and Bryants Bottom joined by the 2′ bridge. Being a simple set-up, it all fitted into Adrian’s van, without need of the trailer. We had from 8 to 11 am for the set-up but we were unloaded and set-up in 1 hour 40 minutes. Contrary to the original intention we decided in the event to run on MTS. We ran a variety of stock: RhB railcar, a steeple cab loco with two Saxon coaches, a pair of 4 wheel diesel railcars, a bogie railcar (battery powered), we also had some visiting Vicinal bogie cars and at times a diesel shunter hauled shuttle freight service.

The layout provided an interesting operation, we soon got used to waiting, when necessary, for the motor car to run round any trailers before bringing the next train into the other side of a loop, though this did sometimes clash with our enthusiasm to keep the traffic moving. The use of MTS did enable more vehicles to be moving at any one time.
We had six members present, though in extremis this configuration could be handled by 2 people. We were packed up and away in one hour flat.