Show Report – London Model Engineering Exhibition 2018

In January at Alexandra Palace we operated the Whiteleaf Light Railway with MTS and live steam on a 50′ x 12′ continuous circuit.  This year the latest development was the addition of three sidings on a 5′ board at Lacey Green leading up to the viaduct curve. This provided much needed storage space and avoided the use of a separate table to store/display surplus stock. As this replaced a 6′ length of track and Adrian would never miss any opportunity for innovation, the missing foot of track was restored including a link from the end of the Lacey Green depot loop to the bypass line. Thus we now have a passing loop on the steam-up bay side of the layout ‘for emergency use’. The latest innovation of the Ally Pally management was the requirement for us to unload the layout at 8am!  This was nobly done by three stalwart members who were joined later by the rest of the team when we put the layout up leisurely later
in the day.

The railway was run over the three days of the exhibition by a range of four to eight operators with assistance from up to four ‘junior associated member’ operatives, although Saturday turned into a bit of a demonstration on loco repairing. Lady Anne and Prince of Wales provided live steam operation, supported by track powered steam, diesel and electric traction.